‘The Human Centipede’ director returns with “one of the most vile, inhumane movie experiences of all time”

Tom Six has promised big things with his next project, 'The Onania Club'

Tom Six, the director of the infamous The Human Centipede trilogy, has made the bold promise that his next film will serve up “one of the most vile, inhumane movie experiences of all time”.

Six was behind the controversial trio of Human Centipede movies, which debuted in 2009 with the ‘First Sequence’. That film was followed by 2011’s ‘Full Sequence’ and then ‘Final Sequence’ in 2015.

The Dutch filmmaker has now announced his next film, which appears to be seeking to out-do The Human Centipede in terms of its infamy. Titled The Onania Club (‘onania’ being an archaic term for masturbation), the ‘physiological thriller’ has yet to release a synopsis (though it has been confirmed that it’ll be set in Hollywood) but Six has been keen to talk up its “vile” qualities in announcing the film.


The first official art for the movie has also been released – check it out below.

Six has also revealed that the cast will mostly consist of “strong female characters” and will “definitely pass the Bechdel test with flying colours.” That cast includes the likes of Jessica Morris, Darcy DeMoss, Deborah Twiss, Karen Strassman, and Flo Lawrence.

The Onania Club is aiming for a release in the autumn of 2018.

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