‘The Human Centipede II’ gets full ‘harmful’ trailer – video

"100% medically inaccurate"

A full length trailer has been released by IFC Films to promote the ‘banned in the UK’ film, The Human Centipede II : Full Sequence.

The trailer, which you can watch below, features more of the plot of the film as Martin, a loner parking attendant, fantasises about – and then actualises – his plan to replicate the actions of the first Human Centipede film.

Once again the trailer capitalises on the ban by the BBFC quoting the organisation’s summation. The text reads, “Poses a real risk that harm is likely to be caused to potential viewers”.

The film is one of only 12 banned by the BBFC since its inception in 1912.


At the time of the ban the film’s director, Tom Six, railed against the BBFC saying, “Thank you for banning my film in this exceptional way. My dear people it is a fucking MOVIE!”.

Earlier this year he stated his intention to appeal against the ban, a ban that makes it illegal to show or sell the movie anywhere within the UK.

The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence is set for release in Australia sometime in the Autumn.


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