The internet is having a lot of fun with the latest ‘Ready Player One’ poster

Why the long legs?

The latest poster for Ready Player One has been widely derided online after it appeared to show lead actor Tye Sheridan with an inexplicably long leg.

The Steven Spielberg movie is set for release next year, and sees Sheridan star as Wade Watts, who escapes a dystopian future vision of earth in 2045 by entering a virtual reality world.

But while the film is among the most anticipated releases of 2018, it’s already having a few teething problems after the release of a new poster didn’t quite go to plan.

The poster proved ripe for parody after it appeared to show Sheridan climbing a telegraph pole – with his right leg extended to a near comical degree.

It’s yet to be revealed if the unusual look is a yet-to-be revealed plot twist, but it wasn’t long before it became a meme.

“There is nothing wrong with the new Ready Player One poster”, one user wrote alongside a photo of Sheridan with photoshopped long legs.

Another said: “Who allowed this poster to be released?”. Check out a selection of reactions below.

‘Ready Player One’ is set for release next March, and is set in a world on the brink of collapse due to global warming and an energy crisis.

To avoid the problems of the world going on around them, people spend their time in the OASIS, which is a virtual reality universe created by James Halliday. The OASIS functions as an alternate society, and also a MMORPG.

 When Halliday dies, he leaves his fortune to whoever can find a digital Easter egg hidden in the OASIS.
The story follows teenager Wade Watts (Sheridan) who lives in the “stacks” (a poverty stricken area), who joins the search for the Easter egg and is thrown into the dramatic race to win Halliday’s fortune.