‘The Killing’ actor Joel Kinnaman confirmed for ‘RoboCop’ remake

Michael Fassbender was rumoured to play lead role

Joel Kinnaman, best known for appearing in the US version of The Killing, has been confirmed to play the title role in MGM’s RoboCop remake.

It had been reported that producers of the Jose Padhila directed reboot had recently approached Kinnaman to play the role of Officer Alex J. Murphy.

Kinnaman has now accepted the offer and will reprise the iconic character for the big screen.

However, it is believed that the director’s first choice to play RoboCop was current Hollywood hot property Michael Fassbender, but he did not officially enter talks to discuss the possibility of starring in the film.

Kinnaman was due to appear in cinemas this month, playing Lancelot in Arthur & Lancelot alongside Kit Harington, but production was halted by Warner Brothers because of an escalating budget.

The film, directed by Wedding Crashers David Dobkin, is expected to be pushed back until 2013, but it is unclear whether Kinnaman will be able to commit to the filming of the King Arthur movie now that he has signed on to do RoboCop.

RoboCop does not yet have a release date.