‘The Lovely Bones’ most complained about film

BBFC reveals which 2010 films prompted biggest outcry

Peter Jackson‘s The Lovely Bones was the most complained about film of 2010 according to the BBFC‘s annual report.

Based on the novel by Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones tells the story of a young girl – played by Soairse Ronan – who is murdered by a paedophile.

The film was rated a 12A, meaning any child could view the film if accompanied by a ‘responsible adult’.

The BBFC defended its decision stating the film was, “right on the borderline between a 12A and a 15” but “lacked any explicit detail of the murder” and “had many positive messages about life”.

Other films that inspired angry letters included Toy Story 3, which saw 12 complaints about the ‘one-eyed baby’, Kick Ass – 21 complaints about violence and strong language by children, and The Princess and the Frog – 6 complaints about black magic.


In 2008 the BBFC drew 60 complaints over the classification of The Dark Knight as a 12A.

Other complaints to the organisation last year included letters about noisy cinema-goers, ticket prices and whether or not films should be allowed to label themselves comedies, if they weren’t actually funny.

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