A sequel to ‘The Meg’ is officially on the way

The Jason Statham-starring movie about the megashark was a surprise box office hit earlier this year

A sequel to The Meg has been officially confirmed by its producers.

A follow-up to this year’s Jason Statham-starring movie, which saw the action movie star do battle with a 75-foot-long megalodon shark over 113 action-packed minutes, has been given the green light following the stunning success of the first film, which grossed over $527 million worldwide.

After Statham – who played the lead character Jonas Taylor in The Meg – reasoned in August that a sequel would only happen if audiences responded positively to the first film, executive producer Catherine Xujun Ying has now confirmed that a Meg Returns project is “definitely the plan”.

According to Variety, Ying first confirmed the plans for a sequel while speaking at the US-China Entertainment Summit in LA earlier this week.

“It’s still very early stages right now, but we’re working – or starting to work – on it,” she said. “We’d like to keep it a secret at this time.”

Ying also hinted that this could only be the beginning of a Meg franchise, with plans for a theme park even being mooted at this stage. “Hopefully China will have the first Jurassic aquarium,” she said.

The Meg, which was adapted from the first of five books by science fiction author Steve Alten, is now the highest grossing Sino-American co-production in history.