The number of movies on Netflix has nearly halved in last five years

A host of new streaming services from production giants have launched this year

The number of movies on Netflix has nearly halved across the last five years, a new report states.

The drastic drop in titles looks to be due to the launch of a number of new streaming services from production giants including Disney+, HBO Max and more.

Netflix across the world now has 2,600 fewer movies available for streaming, a drop of 40%, as Streaming Observer report.


The library of films available to watch on US Netflix at the start of 2014 was 6,494. It now stands at 3,849. See the stats for some more countries below.

  • Australia – 3,480
  • Canada – 3,844
  • Germany – 2,704
  • India – 3,515
  • Japan – 3,046
  • Mexico – 2,839
  • New Zealand – 3,436
  • UK – 3,710

HBO Max have reportedly ordered a full reunion special of 'Friends'
‘Friends’ is one of a number of shows leaving Netflix. Credit: AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo

It was reported earlier this month that the majority of British TV shows on Netflix will be axed from the streaming service over the next year in favour of new service BritBox, a collaboration between the BBC and ITV.

Friends is another high profile show that’s been announced to be leaving Netflix – the iconic sitcom will head to HBO Max as of 2020.

Netflix also angered fans this week when they appeared to remove The Grinch from the streaming service before Christmas.


The platform was also recently forced to edit new Holocaust documentary The Devil Next Door after Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki accused the series of “rewriting history”.