‘The Railway Children’ actress Dinah Sheridan dies, aged 92

Sheridan died at her home today (November 25) surrounded by her family

Actress Dinah Sheridan has died at the age of 92.

Sheridan, best known for her role as the mother in The Railway Children, is said to have died peacefully at her home in Northwood, Middlesex this morning (November 25) surrounded by her family, according to her agent.

The actress, also known for her role in 1953 film comedy Genevieve, was born Dinah Mec in Hampstead in 1920 to a Russian dad and a German mum, who were photographers to the royal family. She later changed her name to Sheridan after picking it out of a phone book.

She landed her first film role when she was 15 and appeared in films such as Irish And Proud Of It until she was forced to give up acting to become an ambulance driver during the Second World War.

During this period she married actor Jimmy Hanley, who she would go on to star in a string of films with, and the couple had three children. Her son Jeremy became the Conservative Party chairman in the ’90s.

Following the war, she separated from her husband and went on to star in one of her most famous roles in Genevieve. In 1970 she starred in the film that would later define her, as the mother in The Railway Children.