The Rock hints at DC Comics project for 2014

Wrestler-turned-actor confirmed meeting with studio had taken place

The Rock – aka Dwayne Johnson – has hinted he will work on a DC Comics project this year.

The former wrestler and star of the Fast & Furious franchise responded to a question from a fan asking if he’d ever been approached by either Marvel or DC Comics about appearing in a superhero film. He responded saying he had recently been meeting with Warner Bros in relation to teaming up for a DC Comics project this year.

Speculation will now arise as to what project The Rock will be part of. Last month, he tweeted a picture of himself with Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara and promised that they’d do some “big cool things” together, and has been linked to DC roles in the past, specifically Black Adam and Lobo. Those projects are believed to have been scrapped, with Man Of Steel sequel Batman Vs Superman believed to be the only DC movie that Warner Bros will be shooting in the coming year.

The role of Lex Luthor is currently vacant in Man Of Steel 2, and given Johnson’s physique, he could play Doomsday, best known as the character that killed Superman and once fought the whole Justice League on his own. There’s also the chance he’s being lined up to play Martian Manhunter in the Justice League movie scheduled to follow the Superman sequel in 2015.

The Rock has earned the nickname ‘franchise Viagra’ due to being added to and giving much-needed vitality to sequels such as Fast & Furious 5, GI Joe: Retaliation and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.