“The Shining set in the White House” is premise for ‘Don’t Breathe’ director’s new horror

Fede Alvarez's new film sounds like a winner...

The new film from Don’t Breathe director Fede Alvarez is being described as “The Shining set in the White House”.

The extremely exciting synopsis comes for the director’s as-yet-untitled new horror film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Evil Dead director’s next film, which doesn’t yet have a release date, will also feature former Fear The Walking Dead writer Shintaro Shimosawa as head of production.


The new information comes as Alvarez’s horror studio Bad Hombre Films has signed a deal with Legendary Pictures.

Along with the new White House-themed horror, the studio will also reboot the horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Doctor Sleep, a new sequel to The Shining, came to cinemas last month. An NME review of Doctor Sleep said that the “trauma-fuelled sequel brings fresh scares to The Shining story.”

“For the most part, Doctor Sleep is a thrilling, nostalgia-fuelled ride that does its best to appease fans of the original, as well as those brought up on newer King flicks like Pet Sematary and It: Chapter Two. However, you can’t help but feel this adaptation has more in common with the latter than The Shining. It’s much cleaner narratively and the inevitable twist is sort of predictable.”


It’s already been revealed that a sequel to Doctor Sleep is already in the works.


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