‘The Simpsons’ spoofs ‘Breaking Bad’ in new opening sequence – watch

There's something funny-looking about those cupcakes, Marge...

The Simpsons has unveiled a special new opening sequence that parodies hit drugs drama Breaking Bad. Scroll down and click ‘play’ to watch it.

The spoof opening will be shown at the start of an episode which premieres in the US this Sunday (April 14). It shows a dead-eyed Marge Simpson cooking up psychedelic blue cupcakes before peddling them to kids at a church fete.

Meanwhile, Homer Simpson appears in a dapper pork pie hat that Breaking Bad fans will find familiar. At the end, there’s a hint that the show’s stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul don’t disapprove of the spoof.


The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad are due to air this summer. The show follows the fortunes of Cranston’s Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who begins producing and selling crystal meth after being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.

Meanwhile, The Simpsons is now midway through its record-breaking 24th season. Recent guest stars have included Tom Waits, Benedict Cumberbatch, Carrie Brownstein, Anne Hathaway and Tina Fey.