‘The Thing’ red band trailer revealed – video

"The last place you want to be is cooped up with a dozen Norwegian guys"

A new “restricted” promo for The Thing has been released online. You can watch the trailer below.

The prequel to the remake of the adaptation of the 1938 novella has had a number of trailers so far, but this is the first to show the ‘creature’ in its many guises.

As well as the ‘alien’ taking on the form of its human hosts in a bone-crunching manner, the trailer offers some fight back in the way of a Ripley-esque lead brandishing a flame-thrower.

Starring Die Hard 4.0 and Death Proof actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the latest version of the Arctic-set sci-fi horror will be set three days before the events of the 1982 film.

Originally directed by Howard Hawks in 1951, John Carpenter went back to the source material of Who Goes There? in 1982 to make the most well known version of the novella.


The prequel has been put together by the team behind the 2005 Dawn of the Dead remake. Calling the shots on the film is first time director, Matthijs van Heijningen.

The Thing is due for release in the UK on December 2.



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