Come out to play! ‘The Warriors’ soundtrack is getting a new vinyl release


The official soundtrack to cult action thriller The Warriors is being released on vinyl.

The deluxe double LP comes via Waxwork Records and features a re-mastered version of the original 1979 soundtrack, alongside the movie’s full score by Barry DeVorzon. It comes after Waxwork managed to secure the original master tapes for the soundtrack in 2016, allowing them to transfer the entire sound of the iconic film to vinyl for the first time ever.

It’s available on 180 gram red and brown vinyl, as well as an 80 gram purple “Boppers” vinyl. The sleeve, meanwhile, boasts a design by Marvel Comics artist Dave Rapoza.

In 2017, Warriors star Michael Beck told NME how the film’s cast and crew had no idea that the film would develop an enduring legacy, almost 40 years after its initial release.

Beck, who portrayed gang leader Swan, explained: “We were all young actors. I think I’d done one feature film, and a couple of the other actors had done the same. For most people it was their first outing – we had no clue, we were thrilled to have a job.

“I would question whether Walter Hill, or Larry Gordon, or the producer Frank Marshall, who’s gone on to do so many films, had any inkling that this picture would become a cult movie that transcended generations, I don’t know how you know that unless you’re a prophet.”