There could be a Pokémon Go live-action movie in the works

Reports of film talks follow success of new app

Reports suggest that a Pokémon Go film could be in the works.

Pokémon Go – released to much fanfare last week – is an app-based augmented-reality edition of the popular video game franchise and sees the fictional creatures superimposed into real life settings. Users can roam the real world to search for Pokémon.

Deadline reports that Legendary Pictures (the company behind the Batman reboots) are in talks to acquire the rights for a live-action Pokémon movie following the success of the app. There is also talk of Max Landis (Chronicle writer and son of John Landis) being involved in the project.

It’s not the first video game adaptation that Legendary Pictures has produced, with the company recently helming the Warcraft movie, directed by David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones.

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The game has attracted controversy since its release, with police in Australia issuing a warning over gamer safety that users should be aware of their surroundings, while it has also been reported that a gamer found a dead body while playing the game.

In other Pokémon Go news, an Australian was sacked earlier this week after complaining that the game isn’t available in his new home of Singapore. According to the Daily Mail, Aussie expat Sonny Truyen wrote on Facebook over the weekend: “You can’t f*****g catch Pokémon in this piece of f*****g s*** country.”

That was after new statistics suggested that in the US, Pokémon Go is already as popular as Twitter, and more popular than Tinder.

A man has even quit his job to embark on a two-month long Pokémon Go hunt.