There was almost a nude hobbit scene in ‘The Lord Of The Rings’

"I have a really fantastic ass. I thought now is the time to get it out"

Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd have confirmed that a nude scene involving the pair was removed from Lord Of The Rings film The Two Towers.

The pair, who starred as Merry and Pippin the original Lord Of The Rings trilogy appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this week.

The subject of nudity was brought up in light of the news that an intimacy co-ordinator had been hired for Amazon’s upcoming Lord Of The Rings TV series. Consequently, fans of the source material set up a petition against the use of nudity in the show. To date, more than 48,000 fans have signed.


“Here’s the thing. There was almost nudity in the movies,” Boyd confirmed on the talk show. He then went on to describe the proposed scene.

“[Screenwriter] Philippa Boyens…she wrote a scene, because we’d been doing some kind of gags and winding people up…[and] she said, ‘Oh, it’s a new scene we’re filming next week, with the Ents. When Merry and Pippin are up Treebeard, he gets afraid and shakes his branches, which makes you guys fall, and as you hit all the branches on the way down, by the time you hit the ground, you’re naked. And Merry turns to Pippin and says, ‘It’s cold, isn’t it?’ And Pippin says, ‘Hold me, Merry.'”

Monaghan confirmed that he was on board with the idea. “I have a really fantastic ass. I thought now is the time to get it out,” he told Colbert.

Alongside the Amazon series, it has been confirmed that a Lord Of The Rings anime film is on the way.


The stand-alone production is called The Lord Of The Rings: The War Of The Rohirrim, and will focus on the history behind the fortress at Helm’s Deep which is explored in The Two Towers.