Turns out there’s a ‘Harry Potter’-themed secret menu at Starbucks

It's very sugary

Keen Potterheads and coffee fanatics have discovered a Harry Potterthemed Starbucks secret menu, for all your magical caffeine needs.

The coffee giant’s take on Butterbeer might not be the most accurate representation of JK Rowling’s infamous imaginary drink, but it’s still taken fans by storm, as Wales Online report.

There are two different options available for Potterheads – the Butterbeer Latte and the Butterbeer Frappucino for those looking for a more chilled take on the beverage.

A Butterbeer Latte (above) consists of a whole milk steamer with two shots of espresso, two shots of caramel syrup, three shots of toffee nut syrup and three shots of cinnamon dolce syrup, topped with whipped cream and caramel crumbs. It clocks in at a whopping 402 calories and 58g of sugar – almost double the UK government’s 30g daily recommended allowance of sugar.

Meanwhile, a Butterbeer Frappucino (above) is made up of a Creme Frappuccino blended with three pumps of caramel syrup and three pumps of toffee nut syrup. That one’s even less healthy, clocking in at 430 calories and about 66g of sugar.

If that’s not enough Potter-based fun for you, the makers of Pokemon Go are set to produce a Harry Potter mobile game this year.

Pokemon Go was a huge success upon its release in Summer 2016. The app became the most successful mobile game in US history – becoming more popular than Tinder, and briefly matching Twitter’s popularity.

Now, the creators behind the augmented-reality app have turned their hands to one of the most successful franchises of all time, to bring elements of Harry Potter’s magical universe into our Muggle realm.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be available to smartphone users in 2018 through Niantic Labs. An official release date however is yet to be announced.