These useful codes will take you to Netflix’s Valentine’s Day content hassle-free

'Steamy Romantic Films', anyone?

Netflix has a selection of “secret” codes that take viewers to Valentine’s Day-themed film and TV playlists.

The codes help subscribers narrow down specific categories or genres such as ‘Romantic Favourites’, ‘Valentine’s Day Favourites’ and ‘Feel-good Romantic Films’.

Timothée Chalamet in ‘Call Me By Your Name’


Users need to use this URL and then add one of the following codes (after adding forward stoke) to get a unique sub-genre:

Valentine’s Day Films – 50117
Romantic Favourites – 502675
Valentine’s Day Favourites – 1952249
Romantic – 100052
Romantic Films – 8883
Feel-good Romantic Films – 35714
Romantic Teen Comedies – 3186
Romantic Teen Comedies – 3186
Romantic Comedies – 5475
Steamy Romantic Films – 35800
Feel-good Romantic Comedies – 35797
Comedies for Hopeless Romantics – 81506
Romantic Teen Films – 1764
Romantic Dramas – 1255

Valentine’s Day-related films that are currently on the platform include Call Me By Your Name, Marriage Story, or rom-coms such as To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You and Long Shot.

In NME’s five-star review of Marriage Story Greg Wetherall wrote: “Arguably Baumbach’s [writer/director] greatest achievement in this film lies in the writing and how he manages to portray both sides’ opinion – and apportion blame equally. His characters are fully fleshed-out, replete with failings and foibles. There are no villains. There are no heroes. This only heightens the heartbreak.

Driver and Johansson reel you in and hold you tight until the closing credits roll. In the meantime, you flip and you flop, cheering on one side and then the other. The outcome is an utterly absorbing, highly emotional and exhausting journey. Magnificent.”