This dad just carved Hogwarts out of ice for his ‘Harry Potter’ loving kids

He even made them an ice replica of Dumbledore's throne.

A father in Canada has raised the bar high for dads everywhere by carving a replica Hogwarts out of ice for his two daughters.

Kelly Davies is an ice carver from Alberta, who made the most of recent heavy snowfall by creating a Harry Potter wonderland in his front yard for his daughters Anna, 8, and Julia, 6.

His creation has a Great Hall, a replica of Dumbledore’s chair and pillars with torches and owls. Theres even a slide for the girls.

Davies made his creation by packing snow into large wooden boxes, to make ice blocks, and using a chainsaw to carve them.

Davies makes ice sculptures every year, and says his children picked this year’s theme, after becoming huge fans of Harry Potter last summer.

He told CBC News that eldest daughter Anna read all the books in under three weeks.

“We got the movies, and then the little one started watching the movies with her,” he said.

Last winter, the sculptor built an ice slide, surrounded by sea creatures, including a seahorse and turtles. He’s already taking requests for next year.

Meanwhile, JK Rowling recently spoke out about a legendary ‘Harry Potter’ myth involving The Leaky Cauldron pub being inspired by the Old Fire House in Exeter, a thought popular with Exeter Uni students.

The university’s ‘Harry Potter’ society hosts events there, so ingrained is the pub’s legacy into Potter lore.

A new ‘Harry Potter’ mobile game is set to be released later this year.

You can watch the trailer here.