Thomas Newman’s ‘Skyfall’ score surfaces on YouTube

New soundtrack wins approval from 'Bond' fans

Hot on the heels of Adele’s Skyfall theme tune, a preview of Thomas Newman‘s score for the new James Bond film has appeared on YouTube.

The multi-award winning composer has worked extensively with Skyfall director Sam Mendes, and is taking over from previous Bond composer David Arnold, who’s scored every Bond film since 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies. Newman’s already extensive film-scoring career includes The Horse Whisperer, Meet Joe Black and The Shawshank Redemption, for which he received an Academy Award Nomination.

The seven-minute preview on YouTube features snippets from the tracks ‘Severine’, ‘The Moors’ and ‘New Digs’ and, despite the controversy over replacing Arnold, the online community seems to have given it their seal of approval.

One user wrote: “Could potentially be the best score since The Living Daylights.” While another added: “I’m liking it a lot! Arnold was great, but change is very welcome. Thomas Newman has a very defined style of composing so there’s some cues that remind me of Wall-E and Finding Nemo with a little more edge, but I’m very positive that Newman will make a killer adaptation of the classic Bond themes.”

Skyfall will be hitting UK cinemas on October 26, with the soundtrack following on October 29, but for now you can scroll down to listen to the preview yourself.