Thomas Turgoose reveals Stephen Graham and Shane Meadows offered to adopt him

The actor's mother died after 'This Is England' finished filming

This Is England star Thomas Turgoose has revealed that Stephen Graham and Shane Meadows offered to adopt him.

Turgoose, who first met Graham on set of Meadows’ 2006 film, recently said on the Private Parts podcast that the actor and filmmaker said they could take him in after his mother died of lung cancer.

“My mum passed away from lung cancer after I finished filming This Is England,” Turgoose said. “She never got to see the finished film.


“Shane Meadows dedicated the film to my mum. Stephen Graham promised my mum he’d look out for me. Everyone involved in This Is England are family to me.”

Graham and Meadows offered to take Turgoose in if living with his father “didn’t work out”.

In a recent interview with NME, Turgoose reflected on his relationship with Graham, saying he was the first person he rang when he found out he was going to be a father.

“Stephen’s family to me,” the actor explained. “Stephen has taught me how to be a man in every sense. He’s taught me so much about being on set.”

He added: “He’s taught me how to be with my wife. He’s taught me how to be with my family. He’s taught me how to be with my friends.”


Thomas Turgoose’s latest starring role sees him in Intergalactic, which is available to watch on Sky One and NOW.

Meanwhile, Shane Meadows is to make his first ever drama for the BBC with a series adaptation of Benjamin Myers’ award-winning historical novel The Gallows Pole.

The writer and director of This Is England (2006) and its three spinoff mini series will helm a TV reimagining of the 2018 Walter Scott Prize-winning book, which is scheduled to shoot with UK-Irish production company Element Pictures later this year.