‘Thor’ director set to play a ‘goofy and charming’ Hitler in his next film

Thor director Taika Waititi will portray a ‘goofy and charming’ imaginary Adolf Hitler in his upcoming film Jojo Rabbit, it has been reported. 

Waititi – who helmed last year’s Thor: Ragnarok – has said that his Hitler will be an imaginary friend of the film’s 10-year-old protagonist. The young boy dreams up the character as a result of missing his father and being confused by Nazi propaganda.

“It’s my version of… a lonely boy’s best version of his hero, which is really his dad,” Waititi told TheWrap.

A character description obtained by the site says: “This is not the Adolf we know and hate, this guy is goofy, charming, and glides through life with a childlike naivety.”

The film’s synopsis reads: “After being severely hurt by a grenade at Hitler youth camp, a prideful and nationalistic ten-year-old boy discovers that his mother is hiding a fifteen-year-old Jewish girl in their house.

Jojo Rabbit by Taika Waititi blends his signature humour, pathos, and deeply compelling characters in a World War II satire about a ten-year-old boy who, ridiculed by his peers and misunderstood by his mother, can’t quite figure out how to fit in.”

The film is said to begin production in May.

Meanwhile, a secret cameo was recently discovered in Thor: Ragnarok. 

One eagle-eyed fan shared an interesting finding, suggesting Waititi – who also played Korg in the film – makes a previously unrevealed cameo during the Saakarian uprising.