Thor: Ragnarok will be based on Planet Hulk comics

The Planet Hulk story arc is a particular fan favourite

It’s been known for a while that Thor 3 will be starring both Chris Hemsworth as the titular Asgardian god of thunder and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, but a new report has revealed that it will at least follow the storyline of the Planet Hulk comics.

Much like Captain America: Civil War was based loosely on a major Marvel comics event of the same name with important differences, it seems as though the upcoming Thor movie will follow the same model.

According to the JoBlo website, the cosmic gladiator games featured in the Planet Hulk comics will make up part of the film’s story, and Thor will somehow be pressganged into getting involved. It was reported recently that Jeff Goldblum has been cast as a powerful character from the comics called the Grandmaster, and it seems as though he will preside over the battles, in which the Hulk fights some of the galaxy’s mightiest combatants.


Hulk apparently “will be rocking the one-shoulder armour as seen in the comics, so expect him to be decked out in the familiar Planet Hulk look”. In slightly more surprising news, it seems as though Thor might end up shorn of his signature blond locks – he’ll be “sporting a shaved head (but not completely bald) for at least a portion of the film”.

The story is said to involve Thor on the hunt for “the ultimate weapon to stop Ragnarok [the end of the world] and reset the universe”. Keen observers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe believe that this might involve another of the so-called infinity gems – the set of six super-powerful MacGuffins which are driving the metaplot of Marvels films.

Thor: Ragnarok is due to be released in October 2017.