Thor’s original hammer is going up for sale

By Odin's beard!

The mythical hammer used by Chris Hemsworth in Thor is set to go under the hammer itself next month.

The hammer, which is known as Mjorlnir in the Marvel films, is the main power source of the Asgardian hero – accompanying him in three solo outings and two attempts to save the world with The Avengers.

Now, the hugely coveted piece of film history is set to go up for sale at an auction next month held by Prop Store. 

Unsurprisingly, it’s going to cost the best part of a small fortune, with early estimates predicting that it will sell for between £20,000 – £30,000.

The same auction, which takes place at London’s BFI IMAX, will also see other pieces of cinematic history include Jack Nicholson’s Joker outfit from Batman going up for sale.

Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord helmet from Guardians of The Galaxy and a whip used by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones are among some of the other pieces on sale.

Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor: Ragnarok, which is set for release later this year.

The superhero’s third solo outing sees him ditching his trademark long blonde locks for a shorter haircut.

Describing the massive change, he told Entertainment Weekly: “When I didn’t have the wig on, I instantly felt like I could move and speak and react differently. Once we aesthetically stripped a lot of that away, it allowed the whole thing to take on a different attitude.

“It felt like a completely different character, and that was hugely liberating and freeing as an actor because I had become a bit bored with myself.”