Tilda Swinton responds to rumours that she will play David Bowie in biopic film

Pair were close friends and starred together in Bowie's 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' video

Tilda Swinton has denied that she will play David Bowie in an upcoming biopic movie.

Tabloid reports earlier this week suggested that Swinton had been linked to the possible role, with a source telling The Daily Express: “It’s remarkable how much Tilda resembles David in his younger days despite the fact she is female. That and the androgyny that he loved to present as part of his image makes Tilda the perfect choice to play David in the inevitable event of a film being made of his incredible life. Tilda will have first refusal on playing a true icon.”

However a representative of Swinton has denied the claims, releasing a statement to The Daily Mail simply saying: “I can confirm this is not true.”


The pair were close friends and starred together in Bowie’s ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’ video in 2013. Watch that clip beneath.


Swinton also hosted the opening of the ‘David Bowie Is…’ exhibition at London’s V&A Museum in 2013, telling the audience at the event about the first time she encountered the star: “I just saw this image and thought he was my cousin. He just looked like me, and looked like someone from the same planet as I did, and that was a great comfort to me at the time when I was 13 and 14 looking like that, that someone not only looked like that, but felt proud enough to stick themselves on the front of an album with a zig-zag across their face and a dewy collarbone. He’s always felt like a cousin.”

Bowie died on Sunday (January 10) at the age of 69, with reports suggesting that he had been suffering from liver cancer for 18 months.

David Bowie’s family have thanked fans for their recent “love and support” following the music icon’s passing, describing themselves as “overwhelmed and grateful”.

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