Tim Burton and cast talk ‘Dark Shadows’ – video

Watch footage from the European premiere on NME.COM

Tim Burton and the cast of Dark Shadows open up about the film, in a video interview which you can watch above.

The director reunites with Johnny Depp once again for the remake of the cult 1960s gothic soap, which is released in the UK today (May 11). But speaking at the European premiere this week, Burton says that the film is really about family.

He says: “It’s basically just a family story. It’s quite simple, the truth of it, Barnabas Collins is turned into a vampire, he’s locked away for 200 years, he comes back to try and reconnect with his family and fit into society.”

Michelle Pfeiffer plays matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, reuniting with Burton for the first time since playing Catwoman in Batman Returns. And here she reveals that she personally chased down the role.

She says: “I had just mentioned to my husband, y’know somebody should do a movie of Dark Shadows. And then literally a couple of months later I read that Tim was developing this. It was still early on, there wasn’t even a script at that point. so I struggled with it for a long time, but I called Tim.

Meanwhile Burton’s wife Helena Bonham Carter, who plays alcoholic therapist Dr Julia Huffman, reveals how she came to work with her husband again: “I had never even read or seen Dark Shadows, so I didn’t even know if there was a woman’s part. And then I read it and saw that it was riddled with women’s parts. And then he came back after about two months and said, ‘you know what, there is a part I really do think you’re right for’, and I thought he meant the sexy witchy vampy part, but no.”

Dark Shadows co-stars Johnny Lee Miller, Eva Green and Chloe Moretz, who all also speak at the premiere.