Tim Burton and Robert Downey Jr in talks over ‘Pinocchio’ film?

Pair could sign on for live-action adaptation, say reports...

Director Tim Burton and actor Robert Downey Jr are in talks over working on the new movie adaptation of Pinocchio.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that the pair are set to sign up for the Warner Bros’ production, with Iron Man actor Downey Jr said to have “expressed serious interest” in joining the project.

The script for the film, which Warner Bros officially announced they would be working on in September last year, has been written by Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller, while American Beauty producer Dan Jinks will oversee the movie.

Robert Downey Jr is set to reprise his role as Iron Man‘s Tony Stark for Joss Whedon’s forthcoming flick The Avengers, which will be released in the UK on May 4 this year, and is also said to be keen to bring TV detective series Perry Mason to the big screen.

Meanwhile, Tim Burton’s new film Dark Shadows, which stars actor Johnny Depp, will open in the UK on May 11, and the director has previously been linked with taking the helm of the fifth instalment of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise.