Titanic director James Cameron to make documentary about lost city of Atlantis

‘The Atlantis myth has always been a fascination’ says director behind Avatar

Titanic director James Cameron is producing a documentary about the mythical lost city of Atlantis.

Cameron is executive producer of the two-hour documentary Search For Atlantis, which will be shown on National Geographic.

Search For Atlantis is the second documentary made by National Geographic about the mythical city. In 2011, their show Finding Atlantis claimed to have located Atlantis off the coast of southern Spain.

But Cameron, whose other films include Terminator and Aliens, said the new documentary has unearthed fresh information. The director said: “Finding the historical and archaeological truth behind the Atlantis myth has always been a fascination of mine. Our exploration team will investigate several new theories about where the real Atlantis was, who these mysterious people were, and what disaster wiped them from the Earth over three millennia ago.”

Filming has begun on Search For Atlantis in Sicily, Malta, Crete and Sardinia as well as the original documentary’s location in Spain.

Since Titanic in 1997, Cameron has only directed one film, the Oscar-winning Avatar in 2009. But the Canadian filmmaker recently announced that he will release four new Avatar films between 2018 and 2023.

Atlantis was first mentioned by Ancient Greek philosopher Plato, who said the city was sunk by the Gods as vengeance for its army trying to attack Athens.