Tom Cruise denies wearing fake bum in 2008 film ‘Valkyrie’

"I have no idea," he says.

Tom Cruise has denied allegations that he wore a set of prosthetic buttocks in his 2008 historical thriller film Valkyrie.

A brief scene from the film recently went viral after a Twitter user theorised that Cruise had worn a “fake butt” in it, citing the image below as evidence:


E! reports that Cruise collaborator Christopher McQuarrie refused to comment on the speculation, writing in a since-deleted tweet: “At 12k retweets and climbing, why would I ever add clarity to this thread?”

But Cruise himself, presented with the allegation in a recent interview with Screen Rant, denied the rumour outright, saying: “I have no idea. There was no prosthetic in Valkyrie. No.”

He added that, for a ‘mooning’ scene in his new film American Made, he likewise did not use a body double, prosthetic or CGI. “It’s me. It’s not CGI, it’s me. I do my own mooning in films. So let it be known — I do my own mooning.”

Cruise recently broke his ankle while performing a stunt for Mission: Impossible 6.


Footage of the actor filming the stunt in London was shared online in August; in the video, he could be seen jumping from one building to another, but missed his landing point and slammed into the side of the building instead.

Paramount released a statement confirming Cruise’s injury that read: “During production on the latest Mission: Impossible film, Tom Cruise broke his ankle while performing a stunt. Production will go on hiatus while Tom makes a full recovery.”