Tom Hanks and Emma Watson star in dystopian first trailer for ‘The Circle’

The movie is based on Dave Eggers' book of the same name

The first trailer for The Circle has been shared online, showing a first glimpse of Tom Hanks and Emma Watson’s roles in the dystopian sci-fi movie.

The film is based on the book of the same name by author Dave Eggers and follows Mae Holland (Watson), who is a new employee at a tech company called The Circle.

In the trailer, Holland answers job interview questions about her favourite Beatle and biggest fears before attending a speech by The Circle owner, Eamon Bailey (Hanks).


It also shows the company’s latest invention in the form of a tiny camera. The trailer concludes with Bailey stating: “Because knowing is good, but knowing everything is better.”

The Circle will be released in the US on April 28, 2017. There is no confirmed UK release date as yet. The film was directed by James Ponsoldt (Master Of NoneShameless) and also stars John Boyega, Karen Gillan, Patton Oswalt and Bill Paxton.

Watch the trailer at the top of the page, via Rolling Stone

Meanwhile, Hanks has given his view on whether October’s bewildering viral picture features him or Bill Murray.

Though the woman in the picture has said “it’s totally Bill” posing with her son, some people online remain convinced that it is definitely Hanks in the picture.

Asked about the confusion on The Graham Norton Show last month (November 25), Hanks replied jokingly: “Well, I’ve been doing a pale imitation of Bill Murray for most of my career, so it actually works out.”


He added: “I know it’s not me because I did not take that picture! Unless I’ve had a cranial plate shift that is medicinal, that’s not me. I believe that’s Bill!”

When Norton replied that the picture still looks like him, Hanks replied: “I know – I could make that face.”