Tom Hanks upstaged by Wilson as he throws first pitch at baseball game

The actor was joined by his iconic 'Castaway' co-star at the Cleveland Guardians game

Tom Hanks was upstaged by his iconic Castaway co-star Wilson when throwing the first pitch at a baseball game this weekend – see footage below.

The beloved actor threw the ceremonial first pitch at the Cleveland Guardians’ home opener of the new MLB season against the San Francisco Giants on Friday (April 15).

When coming out onto the field, Hanks brought the volleyball Wilson with him and placed it in front of him before throwing the pitch.


The wind had other ideas though, with Wilson repeatedly flying off into the outfield.

“There goes Wilson,” one commentator said, with another remarking: “It’s windy today.”

With Wilson not playing ball, Hanks eventually threw the pitch regardless.

See the hilarity unfold below.

Back in November last year, Wilson the beloved volleyball sold for £230,000 at auction. The film prop was sold in an auction on Prop Store. Despite being estimated to earn between £40,000 to £60,000, Wilson sold for around five times that.


Directed by Robert Zemeckis, Cast Away followed Chuck Noland (Hanks) who was left stranded on a desert island for four years after a plane crash.

To help with his mental state, Noland finds a ball he names Wilson, draws a face on it using his bloodied handprint and speaks to it throughout the film.

A description for the items reads: “The off-white leather volleyball is heavily distressed with paint applied to create a worn, dirtied appearance. There is a dark brown and red ‘face’ on the front, representing Chuck’s bloody handprint.

“It features a faded pair of eyes, nose, and mouth. The top is torn open, and an array of tobacco stalks are inserted to replicate the appearance of hair. Several stitches are present on the torn edges on the front of the ball around the opening.”

Referring to the end of the film when Wilson floats away in the sea, the post reads: “This version of Wilson was placed in water for long periods during filming.

“Therefore, the overall shape of the ball warped slightly, and the facial detailing became somewhat blurred compared to shots earlier in the film.”

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