Tom Hardy likened to a “crackhead squirrel” in brutal ‘Venom’ honest trailer

"They can't even afford to put Spider-Man in it."

An “honest trailer” has been released for Venom – and it wastes no time in taking no shots at the much-maligned Marvel superhero movie.

The popular YouTube series is renowned for offering a tongue-in-cheek look at some of Hollywood’s most divisive offerings, and they’ve given their trademark treatment to the Tom Hardy film.

As the trailer opens, we’re informed that Sony “can’t afford to put Spider-Man in it”, before the barbs come thick and fast.

It’s described as a “film that would have been so much better if it was rated R”, before the cutting criticism comes straight for Tom Hardy. His performance as Eddie Brock is likened to a “crackhead squirrel”, while the film’s final fight is described as a meeting between “two syrupy blotches.”

All in all, it’s quite brutal – and you can watch it in full below.

Upon release in October 2018, NME described Venom as a flawed beast that feels 10 years out of time.

“Venom could have been so much more, a real chance for Sony to mark the beginning of a darkened alternative universe that was capable of taking on the multiplex slaying might of the MCU. As it stands, it seems that there’s very little for Disney to worry about,” our review stated.