Tom Hardy upset by old modelling footage during Jonathan Ross interview

'Dark Knight Rises' star embarrassed as chat-show host unveils old video

The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy was upset during his interview with Jonathan Ross this week.

According to The Sun, Hardy was uncomfortable when Ross showed footage of him winning a modelling contest on Channel 4’s iconic The Big Breakfast in 1998.

In what’s said to be a stifled interview from the off, largely due to Hardy, who plays Bane in the forthcoming Batman film, being unable to talk about his character or film in anything but the most general terms.

An insider said: “Tom really wasn’t happy about the footage being shown and said he looked like a total idiot.

“After that moment, the interview was a squirm-fest. Especially when Tom said he couldn’t talk about his part in the new Batman film. When he walked off, Jonathan turned to the audience and said, ‘He is genuinely p*ssed off with me’.”

However, the pair apparently reconciled in the end, with the source adding: “They did have a hug at the end though to show there were no hard feelings.”

Earlier this week Hardy threw his weight behind the campaign to get Gary Oldman an Oscar, which he said was long overdue. The two actors starred together in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, for which Oldman has received a best actor nod at the Academy Awards. Tom said the news was “amazing” but that his co-star didn’t need an Academy Award to prove himself.

Hardy said: “I think it’s amazing, it’s about time actually. The official answer is that I’m 110 per cent behind him, I think he deserves it. The other side of it is that he doesn’t need an award because he is the best actor ever.”

The two actors will reunite in The Dark Knight Rises, in which Oldman reprises his role as Jim Gordon.

The Jonathan Ross Show continues tonight (Saturday) at 9pm on ITV1.