Tom Holland wants to play James Bond: “He talks about it a lot”

The next actor to play 007 will be discussed in 2022, according to Bond's producer

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man co-star has revealed that the actor would like to play the next James Bond.

Holland will appear in the final film of the latest Spider-Man trilogy – Spider-Man: No Way Home – in December.  In a recent interview, the actor confirmed that this will be “the end of a franchise”.

“I think if we were lucky enough to dive into these characters again, you’d be seeing a very different version,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “It would no longer be the Homecoming trilogy.”


However, it seems now that Holland has another franchise in his sights.

“He talks about being James Bond a lot,” Jacob Batalon, who plays Ned in the films, told GQ. “A lot a lot.”

The decision as to who will play the next 007 won’t be made until 2022, according to producer Barbara Broccoli. Several actors have also put their names forward for the role, including Dwayne Johnson. Meanwhile Q actor Ben Whishaw has said that he would like a gay actor to play the next 007.

As Holland no longer has a contract with Marvel however, this does open up the opportunity for other large scale projects.

“It’s the first time since I got cast as Spider-Man that I don’t have a contract,” he told Empire. “It’s just really difficult for me to talk about, because there are so many things I’d love to talk about that would help me embellish what I’m trying to explain. But I can’t because it would just ruin the film.”


Elsewhere in his GQ interview, Holland opened up about further life after Spider-Man.

“Maybe it is time for me to move on,” he said. “Maybe what’s best for Spider-Man is that they do a Miles Morales film. I have to take Peter Parker into account as well, because he is an important part of my life.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits cinemas on December 15.