Watch the latest action-packed trailer for the new ‘Tomb Raider’ film

The next cinematic adaptation of the much-loved video game series will star Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft

The latest trailer for the new Tomb Raider film has arrived – check out the action-packed preview clip of the new movie below.

Based on the story of the 2013 video game of the same name – and the characters from the long-running Tomb Raider franchise – the new film will star Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander as the lead character, Lara Croft. The likes of Dominic West, Daniel Wu and Walton Goggins will also play prominent roles in the movie, which is set to be released in the UK and US on March 16.

The second official trailer for Tomb Raider has now dropped, with the new clip delving deeper into the plot of the film. After unearthing a clue based on his research, Croft leaves her quiet and ordinary life in London to go in search of her archaeologist father Lord Richard Croft (played by West), who was believed to be dead.

Watch the new Tomb Raider trailer below.

Speaking about her portrayal of Croft, Vikander explained back in July how the new film will tell her character’s origin story.

“She has all the fierce, tough, curious, intelligent traits, but we’ve stripped away all of her experience,” she said.

“[Croft] hasn’t gone on an adventure just yet. She thought he was a stuck-up businessperson living in the modern youth culture of suburban London, but then this whole box of information: this is the beginning.”