Prepare to see ‘The Room’ like you’ve never seen it before

The cult 2003 movie inspired last year's 'The Disaster Artist', which was directed by and starred James Franco

Tommy Wiseau has announced his intention to re-release his cult film The Room in 3D.

The 2003 movie, which was directed by and starred the eccentric filmmaker, attained cult status in the years after its release and has been dubbed “the greatest bad movie ever made”.

The Room served as the inspiration for 2017’s The Disaster Artist, which told the story of Wiseau and the making of The Room. Directed by and starring James Franco, the film has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.


It now appears that The Room, which enjoyed its first-ever wide release in cinemas across North America earlier this month, is set to be given the 3D treatment. Wiseau made the declaration on his Twitter account earlier this week after being asked by one of his followers if The Room would ever be released in 4K.

Speaking about the film earlier this month, Wiseau said he was excited for people to experience The Room in a cinematic setting once again.

“I’ve never called it a cult phenomenon, or whatever they call it. I call it a free expression, that’s what The Room represents. I encourage people to express themselves in the screenings.”