Tommy Wiseau’s ‘The Room’ is finally coming to cinemas

15 years after its initial release

Cult film The Room is set for its first ever cinema release, some 15 years after its initial release.

The Room, widely dubbed ‘the best worst movie ever made’, was released back in 2003 following an infamously disastrous production, recently immortalised in James Franco’s The Disaster Artist. Now, the original movie is finally set for its own nationwide release.

As The Hollywood Reporter state, The Room will hit 600 cinemas across the U.S. from 8pm on January 10, 2018. “It’s really great because it’s going to tackle the other areas where people aren’t aware of The Room still,” says director Tommy Wiseau.

He continues: “I’ve never called it a cult phenomenon, or whatever they call it. I call it a free expression, that’s what The Room represents. I encourage people to express themselves in the screenings.”

Writing on Twitter (below), Wiseau celebrated the release by encouraging his fans to “never give up”.

The Disaster Artist was released earlier this month, and has attracted widespread critical acclaim. Franco – who plays the eccentric European filmmaker Wiseau  – revealed that in order to get into character as Wiseau he had to sit through hours of pre-production each day, with the end result shocking most people who turned up on set.

“I think it was a weird experience for most people the first time they came to set,” he told Slash Film. “I’d been going through pre-production, testing out the prosthetics, and that was a two or two-and-a-half hour thing every morning, and then I was the director, so I was there before everyone.”

His brother Dave – who plays line producer Greg Sestero in the film – added that Franco was so unrecognisable on set that it felt like Wiseau himself was directing proceedings.

“After a while, we would sort of get used to it, but there were so many cameos in the movie where every day a new person would show up, and we’d kind of have to prep them,” he recalled. “We’d be like, ‘So, you’re not going to be around James today…’”