Tom Cruise returns to the skies in new ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ trailer

"I wasn't expecting an invitation back."

A brand new trailer for Top Gun: Maverick has dropped, giving fans a new look at the anticipated action sequel.

In the new clip, Tom Cruise’s Maverick is teased as “one of the finest pilots this programme has ever produced” to a group of new recruits.

“I have to admit I wasn’t expecting an invitation back,” he later tells one of his seniors, before he is told he is there under “orders”. Fans also get a showcase of a dogfight and much more action.


Also glimpsed is Miles Teller, who plays the later Goose’s son Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw, while Jon Hamm, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, Manny Jacinto and Glen Powell are also set to appear in the movie.

Cruise has also shared a new poster, which showcases Maverick in silhouette as he looks up to two jets in the sky.

The first trailer for Maverick dropped back in July, with fans pretty enthusiastic over the first glimpse of the sequel.

Joseph Kosinski directs the movie, while the script has been penned by Justin Marks, Eric Warren Singer and Peter Craig.


Meanwhile, Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton recently revealed that he turned down an appearance in the Top Gun sequel due to scheduling conflicts.

Top Gun; Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise returns as ‘Maverick’ in the new ‘Top Gun’ sequel

“I was trying to get in Top Gun because I’m a massive fan,” he said. “But I didn’t have time to do any filming. But I had an opportunity to do it and I couldn’t do it.”

However, the actor said he was looking to getting into acting more, explaining: “I auditioned for a movie a while ago and it took one day to learn the role.

“I had a fashion show in Paris and I probably had maybe four or five shows to go to, so in between I quickly changed and saw this [acting] coach, and I saw her for 20 minutes and we quickly went through one part and then I went to a show and came back and went through another part.”