‘Toy Story 4’ fans are confused about Andy’s appearance in new trailer

"I'm not okay with what they did to Andy."

The first trailer for Toy Story 4 debuted earlier this week – and it looks like we’re going to get all the feels once more.

But amid the resounding excitement lies the most important of issues – what the hell has happened to Andy?

The original owner of Woody, Buzz and co makes an appearance in the clip, but fans have noticed that he’s looking pretty different.


While the clip shows a flashback to Andy as a child, he’s looking pretty different to the boy we all once knew.

“The Toy Story 4 trailer looks amazing and everything….BUT WTF DID THEY DO TO ANDY THIS IS NOT NORMAL,” said one user.

Another raged: “‘Im sorry, but I’m not okay with what they did to Andy in Toy Story 4. ”



While it might simply down to the fact that Pixar’s animation has improved quite a bit since Toy Story debuted in 1995, others had a pretty interesting fan theory.

Their theory? What if not’s Andy. He’s all grown up now – so it stands to reason that it could be his son.

“If that kid in the Toy Story 4 trailer does turn out to be Andy’s son I might actually due from cuteness overload,” reasoned one user.

“Currently freaking out over the possibility that the boy in the Toy Story 4 trailer could be Andy’s son! So now, the theories of Jessie originally belonging to Andy’s mom mean so much more. I live for the hint bombs in this trailer,” said another.

Could it be true? We’ll have to wait until Toy Story 4 hits cinemas on June 13.