The trailer for ‘The Lion King’ has become Disney’s most-watched trailer debut of all time

It's already looking like the remake will be a huge hit

The Lion King‘s trailer has become the most-viewed Disney trailer debut of all time, it has been confirmed.

Fans were given a first look at the upcoming remake of the classic 1994 film earlier this week. The clip is narrated by James Earl Jones – who is reprising his role as Mufasa – and sweeps across the familiar African plains, giving a glimpse of how the original story has been brought to life with glistening CGI.

Despite some viewers being unsure over the remake, Disney fans’ love of childhood nostalgia has resulted in the project breaking a huge record.


Posting a day after the video went live online, Disney announced: “To the entire pride: Thank you for helping the teaser trailer for #TheLionKing become the most-viewed Disney trailer debut ever as it reached a record-breaking 224.6 million global views in 24 hours!” See the post below.

The Lion King clip has also landed at number two in the most-watched trailer of all time from any company – getting beaten to the top spot by Avengers: Infinity War. The Marvel movie racked up a massive 230 million views in one day.

Set for a July 2019 release, The Lion King will also feature Donald Glover as adult Simba and Beyoncé as adult Nala – though the characters don’t feature in the first trailer.

Earlier this year, Elton John confirmed that he was working on the soundtrack for the new Lion King film. The musician also revealed that he would be returning to the studio with his original Lion King collaborator, Tim Rice, to write and record a brand new song for the movie’s closing credits.