Transformers: The Last Knight opens to US box office low

It only made £54 million in its first weekend of US release.

The latest Transformers movie has opened to an all-time low in the US after grossing $69 million (£54 million) in its first days of release.

Transformers: The Last Knight is the fifth instalment in the Michael Bay franchise, and the first to not make $100 million or more in its first weekend of release.

The underwhelming box office figures come after the film received a critical savaging – with one critic claming that it will “kill your brain cells”.


Despite the disappointing figures, the blockbuster is doing big business internationally – after making a debut of $123.4 million in China.

Describing the film’s global release, Paramount’s president of marketing and distribution Megan Colligan said: “The movie was conceived of for a global audience. You aren’t making the movie with just the U.S. in mind.”

Transformers: The Last Knight sees Mark Wahlberg returning as mechanic Cade Yeagar, alongside Laura Haddock, who makes her debut as an Oxford academic, and Sir Anthony Hopkins – who appears as an ageing professor.

Michael Bay has confirmed that he will not make any more Transformers films – but a sequel without his involvement has already been green-lit for a 2019 release, alongside a spin-off focused on Transformers robot Bumblebee, scheduled for release next summer.