Trump’s next election slogan is literally straight out of a horror movie

President-elect reveals potential slogan for 2020 campaign in new interview

Donald Trump‘s 2020 US election slogan could literally be lifted straight from a dystopian horror movie.

On the eve of his inauguration, Trump has spoken in a new Washington Post interview in which he looks ahead to his next election campaign in 2020. In it, the President-elect decides upon the slogan for his next run, opting for ‘Keep America Great!’ (exclamation point specified).

However, it’s since been pointed out that the slogan is the same as that which features in 2016 dystopian horror film The Purge: Election Year, a movie in which the elite make all crimes legal for 12 hours a year to “purge” the population of the poor. Watch the slogan used in the trailer for the film below.

It is not known whether Trump was aware of the film link and he has not yet commented on the comparisons.

Meanwhile, Michael Flatley and his Lord of the Dance troupe have reportedly been booked for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Trump’s inauguration has been hit with many problems so far. A host of artists have either turned down invitations to perform or pulled out of planned events.

However, the President-elect has now reportedly managed to book a Grammy-winning singer for his Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration concert. The Roots’ Questlove has since taken to Twitter to say that he would pay her not to perform at the event.