‘Twilight’: Watch Robert Pattinson discuss ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’ – video

R-Patz reckons the new movie is a 'weird fairytale'

Robert Pattinson has described the new Twilight film as a “weird fairytale”.

Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is released in the UK today (November 18), and although the film deals with more adult themes, the actor reckons it stays true to the rest of the saga.

You can watch Pattinson talk about the movie by clicking on the video above.

Talking about the more adult nature of the new film, Pattinson said: “I guess it is kind of adult but at the same time it’s not really. It’s still kind of fairtyale-ish but it’s just like a weird fairytale.

“You see all the shows about teenage mothers and … it’d be interesting if Twilight was younger, if all the actors were like 12, this would be crazy. If a 12-year-old girl gets pregnant with a vampire baby and they get married and stuff, that would be amazing.”

Pattinson added that his character Edward Cullen does not deal “particularly well” with married life. “He gets her pregnant within a couple of days, then immediately wants an abortion. He’s just all over the place emotionally, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He gets manically depressed for a while. I guess that’s how most people feel. Fairly typical male behaviour!”

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One – film review