‘Twin Peaks’ actor Harry Dean Stanton has died, aged 91

The David Lynch favourite died of natural causes.

Harry Dean Stanton has died, aged 91. Variety reports that the actor died of natural causes in Los Angeles on Friday (September 15).

The legendary actor is best known for his roles in ‘Twin Peaks’, ‘Alien’ and ‘The Godfather II’.

He was a favourite of director David Lynch, working with him on films like ‘Inland Empire’, ‘The Straight Story’ and ‘Wild at Heart’, as well as appearing in ‘Twin Peaks: Fire With Me’ in 1992 as Carl Rodd, the owner of the Fat Trout trailer park.


He returned as Rodd in the recent ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’.

Lynch released a statement saying: ‘The great Harry Dean Stanton has left us. There went a great one. There’s nobody like Harry Dean. Everyone loved him. And with good reason.

‘He was a great actor (actually beyond great) – and a great human being – so great to be around him!!!

‘You are really going to be missed Harry Dean!!! Loads of love to you wherever you are now!!!’

Stanton’s latest film, ‘Lucky’ – where he plays a 90-year-old atheist – is set for UK release on October 9.


After a two decade long career of small film appearances, Stanton eventually got his big break in a leading role as in 1984’s ‘Paris, Texas’, at the age of 58.

He played Travis Henderson, a lost, dishevelled man who wanders around the desert, having seemingly no idea who he is.

Other roles include ‘Pretty In Pink’, ‘Repo Man’ and ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’.

He also featured in The Killers’ ‘Christmas in LA‘ video for their 2013 single.

Stanton was great friends with Jack Nicholson and they once lived together in Laurel Canyon, Virginia.

They first appeared onscreen together in 1966 in ‘Ride in the Whirlwind’ – a film that Nicholson wrote.

It was said they were such good pals that Nicholson used to find a way to sneak Stanton’s initials into every film he made. He would often carve ‘HDS’ into a tree, for example, or graffiti these letters on a wall.

When asked by NME in a 1999 interview who his all-time hero was, the late Elliot Smith said: “One of them is Harry Dean Stanton. For one thing, he looks like a real person.”


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