‘Twins’ sequel starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy ‘on hold’

Josh Gad has written a 'great' script but says Universal have 'hit the pause button' on the project

The sequel to classic Danny DeVito/Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy Twins is now on hold, says its writer Josh Gad.

In the 1988 comedy, DeVito and Schwarzenegger played chalk and cheese characters who discover they are non-identical twins conceived in a botched genetic experiment and separated at birth. While Schwarzenegger’s Julius inherited all the “desirable traits” of the parents, DeVito’s Vincent got saddled with the “genetic trash”.

A belated sequel has been in the works at Universal Pictures since 2012 – titled Triplets, with Eddie Murphy linked to the role of a third brother. Writer-actor Gad was hired to write the screenplay, and gave an update on the project during a Reddit AMA yesterday (January 7).

“Uh, you know… the script is actually done,” Gad explained. “Everybody agrees that it’s great. We wound up doing 2 drafts. Universal, I think, hit the pause button temporarily for whatever reason – internally I think they are trying to figure out if they want to do a sequel or not. I would say if there’s an outpouring of affection, that may move the needle, but I think it’s on hold right now. But everybody read the script and loved it, so I hope it sees the light of day at some point. It’s there and in great shape.”

Discussing the premise of the sequel, Gad revealed: “Well, the lives have changed in that the two of them find themselves at a major crossroads where they’ve sort of grown apart over the years and what winds up bringing them together is a 3rd brother they never knew they had – who could potentially be played by Eddie Murphy.”