Twitter unveils David Brent emoji ahead of ‘Life On The Road’ release

The emoji will appear automatically after the hashtag #BrentsBack

Twitter has unveiled a “David Brent emoji” ahead of his return in David Brent: Life On The Road next month (August).

The emoji shows the famous character from The Office, created and played by Ricky Gervais, in a pose from one of his most famous scenes. It will appear in tweets automatically whenever someone uses the hashtag #BrentsBack.

Twitter’s Georgina Parnell said in a statement, “At Twitter we all thought there was no better way to mark the launch of David Brent: Life On The Road than with this amazing new emoji, reflecting what was perhaps Ricky’s most iconic scene from The Office.”

Twitter have also compiled a list of the most tweeted-about films of 2016 so far; superhero movie Batman vs Superman was the most popular hashtag, followed swiftly by Captain America: Civil War and Deapool. The top five were:

1. Batman vs Superman#batmanvsuperman
2. Captain America: Civil War #captainamericacivilwar
3. Deadpool #deadpool
4. Zootopia #zootopia
5. Finding Dory #findingdory

Gervais has recently said the upcoming David Brent movie will be his last “big project” involving the character.

Speaking to Digital Spy about the future of the character, Gervais explained: “I said I’d never bring back The Office and I won’t. This isn’t that, this is David Brent now – what he’s doing now.”