Two new promos for ‘Final Destination 5’ appear online – video

Ommetaphobics best look away now

Two new promos for the latest instalment in the Final Destination series have gone online and they’re not for the squeamish.

The first clip, which you can view above, features the hazards of laser eye surgery, hazards that are magnified ten-fold if you have Death following you, seeking to despatch you in a series of overly elaborate, yet faintly comical ways.

Anyone who struggles with the saying ‘keep your eyes peeled’ may want to avert theirs now.

The second promo, which you can view by clicking here, is a look back at 10 years of smashed craniums and excessive blood loss.

Whereas the previous Destination movies were happy to just let good-looking teens try to evade Death as best they could, Final Destination 5 offers an alternative: give Death a life in place of yours.

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Final Destination 5 is due for release in the UK on Friday (August 25).Video