The top film at the UK box office in 2017 has been revealed

The latest 'Star Wars' instalment has performed well - although 'The Last Jedi' is currently behind the 'The Force Awakens' in takings

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to become the highest-grossing 2017 film at the UK box office, according to newly-released figures.

The latest edition of the long-running sci-fi franchise was released in the UK on December 14, with takings at the box office in the country currently standing at £68.3 million.

While that figure is behind the total takings made by Disney’s re-make of Beauty and the Beast – which is currently holding on to the top spot as the biggest-grossing film release of 2017 in the UK with takings of £72.4 million – takings for The Last Jedi are expected to exceed that film’s total by the end of this week (January 7).


Despite the expected surge to the top of the 2017 chart, takings for The Last Jedi are down on those enjoyed by its prequel, The Force Awakens, back in 2015. At the same stage of its run in UK cinemas, The Force Awakens had taken £97.4m – meaning The Last Jedi is running 30% behind the prequel.

However, The Last Jedi has already exceeded the total money taken by the Star Wars anthology spin-off Rogue One in the UK (£66m), which came out last year.

Yesterday (January 2), it was announced that the top three movies in North America in 2017 were all fronted by women – the first time this has happened since 1958.