Uma Thurman brands presidential race a ‘freak show’

'Bel Ami' star says the events of her new movie are more legitimate than current politics

Uma Thurman has branded the current US presidential race a “freak show”.

The actress stars opposite Robert Pattinson in the erotic political thriller set in the 19th century Paris.

But comparing the movie to current political events, Thurman was damning. She told Stylist:

It’s crazy. It’s like a freak show on the world stage. It’s televised and presented as really legitimate, but it’s clearly a wildly eccentric bunch of individuals in a gigantic country, all professing various ideologies consumed by personal interest.

Comparing the characters in Bel Ami to the players in the current system, she added: “If you look at the current political race and the way people are judged and evaluated based on their families and religious values, they seem to be far freer in their conduct than our politicians are allowed to be today.”

Bel Ami is released in the UK on Friday (March 9). You can watch the trailer at the top of the page.