‘V For Vendetta’ director supports protesters’ use of masks

The Guy Fawkes masks have been adopted by members of Anonymous and Occupy

V For Vendetta director James McTeigue has praised the use by protesters of the Guy Fawkes masks from his movie.

The distinctive masks from the comic-book film have been adopted by hacker group Anonymous, as well as members of the global Occupy movement. And now McTeigue, whose new John Cusack vehicle The Raven opens this week, has lent his support.

He told DigitalSpy.co.uk: “I think whether it’s the Anonymous guys, Occupy Wall Street or the Scientologist protestors, whenever you can do something that seeps in culturally that’s a great thing. Ultimately when Alan Moore and David Lloyd made the original V For Vendetta it was an approximation of Guy Fawkes, who was the original agitator, I guess, in this country.”

In the original graphic novel, an alternative history sees Guy Fawkes succeed in blowing up the Houses Of Parliament after they are taken over by fascists. The director added: “I like seeing it around. It’s good that you can have a discussion about things that are anti-establishment. If you can be anonymous behind the mask, then its great.”

The artist Alan Moore has recently donated a number of signed V For Vendetta masks to the crowdfunding drive behind Occupation Records, the offshoot label from the Occupy London movement, who were evicted from their camp at St Paul’s Cathedral last week.