Val Kilmer responds after a follower criticises his ‘creepy’ Cate Blanchett tweets

Kilmer says he once accepted a cameo role simply so he could work with Blanchett.

Val Kilmer has defended himself after a follower accused him of posting “creepy” and “obsessive” tweets about Cate Blanchett.

The former Batman actor shared his admiration for Blanchett over the weekend, revealing that he once flew to Australia simply to meet her.

He also told followers that he accepted a cameo in a film – 2003’s The Missing – just so that he could work with the two-time Oscar-winner.

“She’s just as amazing in person,” Kilmer added. “Some superstars aren’t – Some superstars don’t do a thing to ya in person – Cate is so real it’s almost unreal.”

Check out his tweets below.

After a follower criticised his tweets, calling them “creepy” and “obsesseive” Kilmer replied insisting that there is “nothing in the least creepy about loving someone”

“What kind of world do you come from?” he added.

When another follower stepped in to support him, Kilmer added:” I love that she’s happily married and is a great mom. Why wouldn’t I?”

Val Kilmer also hit headlines last year when he took Twitter to dismiss rumours that he is battling cancer. Fellow actor Michael Douglas had suggested Kilmer had been diagnosed with oral cancer, the same form of the disease he had successfully battled in 2010.